Chaplin Screens COVID-19 Policy

**How  Chaplin Screens is helping our valuable customers during the COVID-19 pandemic**

Firstly, as a family business, we are able to implement, maintain and provide the best practices to protect both your family and ours. Chaplin Screens is our only form of income and we are going to hang in there, support our customers and come out strong on the other side by using professionalism and good customer service.

During these uncertain times, it’s been suggested that criminal activity may increase, so your home security will be of the utmost importance. For those still with a consistent income, there is no better time to get those jobs done around the house that have been put off time and time again, and give the local tradies some support at the same time.

As part of the Service Seeking family, we have been have provided with advice and guidelines from their network through the U.S states, Italy, Asia and the Philippines where they have been in lock down for more than ten days.

The main point here is that we are aware and we fully understand the consequences of COVID-19. Thus we have put the following measures into place:

  • Instead of initial in-person site visits, we are able to facilitate initial quotes via facetime, phone conversations, emails with attached photos or Messenger video. We will need to arrange a suitable time for both parties prior to this.
  • Rob is the sole contact person. He has on board the following – PPE masks, gloves, antiseptic hand soap (for before and after site visit) and hospital grade disinfectant to wipe down all door locks and touchable surfaces once installation has been completed.
  • We have also implemented a ‘one customer policy per day’ site visit, so Rob does not travel from one home to another. It is from our safe home to yours.
  • We do request that the required social distancing is observed whilst on site, and that only one person is in the parameter whilst consultation is being conducted. Please ensure that no children are in the same room if Rob needs to enter your home.
  • Our preference is that all invoices are paid into our bank account, being mindful that we require a 50% deposit prior to commencement of the job, and the balance due on the day of installation. Rob will expect payment confirmation prior to him leaving the job.
  • Manufacturing and the supply of the screens are still available at this stage, and we have worked in consultation with our supplier to eliminate any transferable COVID-19 occurrence.

By putting in these simple guidelines we are ensuring that you and your family are protected at all times. As and when changes occur, we will notify you via our Facebook page –
Or on our website –