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The Key Difference Between Single Lock and Triple Lock Security Doors

Security Screen doors can loosely be divided into two types, those with a single lock and those with the additional safety of a Triple lock fitted to the security door. Single lock doors typically provide a measure of safety and may deter opportunistic thieves looking for an easy target. However, a determined intruder can force their way into your home with the right tools.

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Single Lock – Break and Enter 2019

What’s the difference between single and triple lock doors?

Both types of door essentially look the same; they may have the same frame and grille design. The real difference is the added security provided by a triple lock on the security door.

A single lock, which is your typical screen door, is one with a single central lock. The lock is always located in the centre of  the door and is usually on the right-hand side looking out, although it can be placed on the left for left-handed people. A single lock door essentially provides a physical barrier between the householder and whoever is on the other side. Depending on the risk level of the area in which you live, this may or may not be sufficient.

The triple lock system comprises a central lock with an additional internal rod. This rod connects to two additional locks, one above the main lock and one below. This gives the door extra strength, meaning it is secured on three points on the jamb and is much harder to prize open. For those living in high-risk areas, or an elderly person on their own, this type of door provides extra security and peace of mind. Read More