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Home Security has Never Been So Important

In our modern times, it’s an unfortunate truth that home invasion is at an all-time high. This is due in part to the high level of drug addiction in our society, as well as the fact that businesses are becoming more savvy against thieves, installing high level security such as cameras and high-end alarm systems. Unable to target shops and small businesses, thieves are increasingly choosing the softer option, the family home.

It’s also a sad fact that some home owners are unaware of how to best protect their home. A high number of thieves simply walk through the front or back door when it’s left unlocked. This even happens when the family is actually inside the house, leaving them feeling both afraid and violated.

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The strong message is to lock both doors and windows, even when you are at home. Yes, we may fondly remember the days when no-one had to lock their houses in Brisbane. But those days are gone, and we have to adapt accordingly, to accommodate societal change.

There are some simple changes we can make that will make our homes less attractive to thieves. Keeping the front yard open with no large bushes where thieves can conceal themselves will help. Planting prickly bushes under windows and having motion sensor lights can help too.

Even owning a dog is an asset. Dogs are territorial and most will protect their territory with loud barking, even if it’s only the poor postman!

The above tips may help to deter the opportunistic thief, but to really secure yourself against home invasion, you really need good quality security screens. Security screens are a visual deterrent as well as creating a barrier against intruders.

Do  quality security screens have to cost a fortune?

No. Although a good security screen will cost more than a flimsy fly screen, it all depends on how you look at this. Think of it as an asset rather than a cost. Quality screens will add value to your home and may also lower the cost of content insurance. Read More

When is a Security Screen Door Not Secure?

There’s a fair amount of confusion over what makes a really safe security screen door. To know what type of  security door is right for you, you’ll need to answer the following questions:

What type of area do you live in?

Are there a lot of burglaries or break-ins in your area? If so, you’ll need the best security screen door and protection that you can afford.

Is there someone at home during the day?

If so, that will mitigate your risk of break-ins somewhat. Thieves will sometimes watch a person’s house for a while before pouncing. If there’s no clear pattern to your movements, or the house is almost always occupied, they’ll probably move on to their next target. However, this does not mean that you will not have intruders, they are becoming more brazen in desperate attempts to gain access to cars and cash.

Are you concerned for your personal safety?

We’re all different and our risk tolerance varies a lot. If you’re of a nervous disposition, or had a previous unwelcomed experience, and you don’t feel secure in your home alone, then your choice of security doors will need to reflect that.

Do you like to throw open your doors and windows in the evenings?

Some people love the fresh air, others will keep everything closed with the air conditioning cranked up. It’s a personal choice, however, if you’re a fresh air fiend, then you really need good security screens to let the breeze in and not unwanted guests!

What can you actually afford?

It always comes down to money, doesn’t it? While the latest “Crimsafe” door may appeal to you, it may not be in your budget. However, there are other options, so don’t despair.

What to look for in a quality security door

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